Corporate Sponsors

Recognizing FinTech leaders

LFT provides companies that share a similar mission and vision as ours to be recognized through our Corporate Membership Program. This program is our way to start a relationship with outside businesses by initiating a sponsorship system through intellectual support. LFT strives to connect students with world-class resources, including industry experts. We invite your company to affiliate with us and help spread our passion for FinTech. Several leaders within the FinTech domain have already joined our Corporate Membership Program, listed below.


Corporate Members


TD Bank

One of the largest and most convenient banks in America, TD Bank strives to be the "bank of the future." By understanding expectations of the customer and leveraging disruptive technology, TD Bank has been experimenting to develop cutting-edge solutions by establishing an Innovation Hub.



As a global advisory firm, EY helps clients understand how to fit into the fast growing FinTech ecosystem. EY is closely following the FinTech disruption and has subject-matter-experts who help drive businesses forward.



Providing IT consulting services, Virtusa is deeply invested in leveraging technology to enable businesses to achieve operational excellence. Along with TD Bank, Virtusa helped sponsor the first annual Wharton Undergraduate Fintech Hackathon and hosted workshops.