Back-End Workshops

LFT members are encouraged to connect with the campus community to broaden their awareness of the many different industries fintech can be applied to. LFT brings Lehigh faculty members and industry professionals to hold educational sessions to teach our members new advancements of financial technologies. In addition, workshops may elaborate on faculty research or include a panel of experts to learn their perspective on fintech news. Workshops provide members with the opportunity to connect with Lehigh Professors and guest speakers, which members can hopefully work with in the future.


Back-End Project Involvement

The Technology Division takes your understanding of FinTech to a deeper level by transforming theory into practice. As technology is the disrupting factor in the financial industry, the Technology Division is where members gain the competitive edge necessary to shape the future of FinTech. LFT partners with companies and universities to expand the network of members with specialized knowledge of FinTech. Our partnerships allow members to embark on very practical projects that can have a direct impact in the industry. Along with DevHacks, LFT collaborates with Wharton FinTech to ensure our group initiatives lie at the cusp of current innovation. LFT works with Lehigh Professors to allow highly motivated members to pursue credit-bearing projects, which would resemble independent study projects. Depending on project needs, groups can range from 4-8 motivated members with a desire to explore the technologies behind the movement such as decentralized ledgers, smart contracts, Solidity, proof-of-concept methodologies, and cryptography. At minimum, LFT's Technology Division guarantees members gain the skills necessary to tinker with these emerging technologies.